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Behind the camera, Brandon Stanton began Humans of New York with a mission. In 2010, Stanton began what was then a photography project and now has morphed into one of the most amazing ways the world connects with other humans, by sharing their stories.

As a native to New York, living in the Big Apple my entire life, I have grown to love the city that I call home. Living in New York City has it’s ups and downs, but reading the stories from Humans of New York, here are some of the stories I have grown to love and want to share with you today.

Motherless Stability

This story goes to show that not everyone is raised with a perfect family. Not every parent should be a parent. This man grew up with a mother addicted to heroin, selling their home for drug money. The unfortunate truth is that some children are forced to be parents, not getting the opportunity to fulfill their own childhood. Amidst the hectic childhood, he has grown up and his mother recently passed away. Becoming stable in an adult lifestyle is challenging for those that were forced to grow up all too early.

A Small Piece of the Pie

Happiness is a choice. This woman shows how even after losing a job, you can find happiness in your life. She clearly has an appreciation for the little things in life. She sets an example of how to be happy even when unfortunate things happen.

Contentment in Dating

Recently, Humans of New York posted this story about a man who had to do some growing up in his dating life, and very well might still be overcoming those challenges. He points out some great truths, such as dating is not about what you can get from another person, but figuring out what you want and who can be that with you. It’s also about finding your identity in who you are, not who you are with someone else.

Famous Flames

There’s no question that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are in love. Ryan talks about his wife Blake here in a fulfilling way. He talks about her abilities to feel empathy, and how they’re contagious. It’s inspiring to see such passion between these two.

Invisible Wounds – Series 7

Invisible Wounds is a series of stories that show true scars. This one, in particular, happens to be about battle wounds from Afghanistan. His words, though they’re short, paint the picture as if you’re standing right behind him as it’s happening.