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As if New York needs any introduction or magical sell, there is everything to ooh and ahh over during the month of December in America’s, Big Apple. With bright holiday lights, cosmopolitan flair, traditional undertones and the holiday buzz of all styles of life strutting their stuff, there is no better time than December to bring it all together.

Holiday events and camaraderie in New York are as broad and connected as anyone could wish for during the holiday season. Below are some unique and exquisite holiday events ready to be handed over for every local’s and visitor’s enjoyment from all over the world.


Christmas in New York

Christmas in New York is not something to be imagined, but something to be experienced. This winter wonderland’s promises of sparkling lights, extraordinary shopping, Bryant Park ice skating, and the Radio City Spectacular are simply out-of-this-world treasure troves of Christmas’s beautiful magnificence and celebration.

Brooklyn Nutcracker

The Brooklyn Ballet takes a beautiful classic and colors its digital set with a contemporary twist. Modern-day hip-hop and world dance styles collide with Brooklyn’s beloved cultural foundation offering the audience a new traditional vision. The fusion of old meets new, traditional meets cultural and 21st-century vibe give this eclectic version just the right amount of holiday persuasion to satisfy all age groups.

The Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting

If it’s lights you want, it’s more than 45,000 LED lights you will get during New York, City’s Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting extravaganza. This 87-year old Christmas tree decorating legacy dons the heart and soul of New York’s love of tradition, hope, romance, beauty, and community.

Springsteen on Broadway

Bruce Springsteen fans get ready for the solo performance of a lifetime. This musical stage fruition delivers Springsteen’s Americana and personal chronicles of the human connection with a self-created theatrical essence only the Boss himself can translate. With a seasoned flair, Springsteen indulges audiences to the legendary man he has become.

Blue Man Group

Wild and wacky, almost alien-like blue men vie for attention with just about any creative shenanigans they can get away with. It’s all about comical fun with varying levels of eccentric interaction, brightly colored aesthetics, music, laughter, and surprises. No one gets blue here except the Blue Man Group hosts.