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Winter is almost over and soon the snowy sidewalks of the city will clear with warm sunshine taking its place. New York City is beautiful all year round, but perhaps spring is my favorite. From the bustling birds in Central Park to the flutter of new faces visiting the city, there’s always something to see and do in the spring. As a local myself, here’s my take on how to spend a weekend in the big apple this spring season.

Book an AirBnB

New York City has 6 boroughs so make sure you know which one to book your stay in. If you’re looking for a typical NYC trip like most tourists, Manhattan is your best option. Manhattan will give you proximity to a majority of activities for both tourists and locals alike.

In lue of booking a hotel, AirBnB has great, chic apartments to give you comfort during your stay. Choose between an entire space for yourself or board with a local in a private room. Either way, you’ll get to stay in a much more home-like place than a hotel for the weekend.

Have a NYC Bagel for Breakfast

If there is one thing New York City is known for when it comes to food, it’s bagels. You’ve never had a true bagel until you’ve had a bagel from NYC. Lucky for you, the city has some of the best bagel shops on the East Coast.

A popular bagel shop is The Bagel Store. These rainbow bagels have swept images on Instagram and Pinterest since the opening of the shop. To name a few more shops worth traveling to for a bagel in New York are Tompkins Square Bagels, Sadelle’s, and Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Co. Although I’ve only mentioned a select few, you’re bound to have a great bagel if you’re in the city!

Walk through Central Park

In my personal opinion, Central Park is most beautiful in the spring. Sure, it’s beautiful when the park is covered in snow, but there’s just something about Central Park dripping with fresh air and new life after a cold winter.

The park hosts plenty of fun events in the spring that are worth checking out! From taking a ride around the city in a horse-drawn carriage to being entertained by a festival in the park, you’re bound to have a good time here.

While there are so many other fun things you can do during a weekend in NYC like see a broadway show or visit the botanical gardens, my top picks for any tourist are activities true New Yorkers do. Live like a local and enjoy your weekend in the city!