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The fall season has finally arrived, rolling in fun activities for everyone to enjoy. As New York soaks up its last few weeks before the city is swept up in frigid winds, there’s so much to do to enjoy fall. Many of these events and activities around the city are Halloween themed for the fall. But for those of you who have grown tired of jack o’lanterns and costume parties, there’s so much for you to do too. Here are some of the great fall events happening in NYC this season:


The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze

Known as one of the city’s most spirited halloween events, The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze happens every year. The event has massive displays of over 7,000 glowing pumpkins. Each pumpkin is carved to perfection a lit ablaze for all of the tristate area to see. Guests can take an easy day trip to the riverside near Van Cortlandt Manor to witness the glory of the dazzling pumpkins. There will also be food and snacks available as well as spooky visit from the Sleepy Hollow’s Headless Horseman.

Village Halloween Parade

If you’re looking for the biggest costume party the city has to offer, look no further. The annual Village Halloween Parade floods the streets of the West Village with extravagant costumes, enormous spooky puppets and parade-goers dressed in the spirit. The event takes place on Halloween night and gathers more than 50,000 people. The costumes range from scary to creative to downright hilarious. You can either dress up and march in the parade, or people-watch from the sidelines.

Great PUPkin

Imagine the grandest fashion show of all time, now imagine the models wearing intricate halloween costumes–now imagine that the models are puppies. This event can’t get any cuter or more fun. The Great PUPkin Dog Costume Contest has been around for twenty years and keeps getting better. With a panel of three judges, dogs come in their best and most creative costumes to win prizes donated by local vendors. This a fun and furry way to get into the Halloween spirit.


The NYC Marathon

For those of you who are looking for less Halloween but more fall themed fun, The NYC Marathon is a great event. Over 40,000 marathoners come together to run through all five boroughs, which makes it a 26.2 mile course. If you won’t be participating in this year’s marathon, it’s always great to cheer people on from the sidelines. Line up along Fourth Avenue in Park Slope, First Avenue between 60th and 96th Streets in Manhattan, or gather up near Central Park South where the finish line is.


Feast of San Gennaro

Another great fall event with even better eats is the Feast of San Gennaro. This will mark its 92nd year of the celebration of the patron saint of Naples. Taking place in the streets of Little Italy, the feast will consist of carnival games, an impressive cannoli-eating contest, parades, live music and all the greatest eats of Little Italy. All the locals and out-of-towners can indulge in the festivities and will surely not leave disappointed or hungry.