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Modern day traveling couldn’t be easier, with gadgets and apps developing faster than ever before. Between the countless startups popping up across the US and the scores of web developers, travelers have more advantages than ever before. Below is a list of some of the best ones for your buck.

GoGirl — Toilets aren’t always an option for a traveller on the go. Music festivals are notorious for not having enough restrooms, and the restrooms that exist get gross really quickly. In addition, for those travelling to developing nations, there may not always be running water where toilet even exist. You may want to invest in a GoGirl or a Shewee to make using the restroom either. Put most simply, these devices allow anyone to pee standing up for when real bathrooms aren’t really an option. Rather than making people squat to pee, these devices make peeing on the go a breeze.

Water Purifier — When the water is of questionable potability, you’ll want a gadget to make sure it’s safe to drink. These devices come in a few forms. Some are UV lights that you wave in your water to kill off any bad bacteria. Others are straws that purify as you drink. Either way, you can’t travel without one.

Collapsable Water Bottle — Another tool perfect for shortages of water. It’s important to stay hydrated while you’re travelling about, but water bottles can be bulky and awkward. Collapsable water bottles will fit easily into a pocket or bag when shrunk down and can hold up to a pint of water when expanded.

Power Bank — In the event you’re stranded and can’t find an outlet anywhere, a power bank could be an absolute godsend. Depending on the size you purchase, power banks can hold a few charge’s worth of power and can connect to any device as long as your have the cable at hand. Whether you’re forgetful or stranded as a result of an emergency, a power bank could be the difference between a miserable mishap and a memorable adventure.
GeoTag — If you’re ever worried about being separated from your most valued items, geotags will help you keep track of where everything is. Tiny luggage tags or stickers will emit a signal that your phone can pick up and use to locate your items. In case something gets stolen, misplaced, or forgotten, you can use your phone to locate your stuff.